Breakroom Room Cleaning and Disinfecting

Counter Tops, Refrigerator, Microwave, Sinks, Trash Removal

Wipe and Disinfect 

A happy employee is a productive employee, and a clean break room will get you just that.

Whether you chose a deep clean or standard clean, we have break room cleaning mastered. Here at Tie’s Cleaning Machine, we will clean your break room from corner to corner. Don’t risk employee satisfaction by overlooking the busiest room in the office where germs and bacteria buildup is common.

We understand that everyone needs an extra set of hands at some point. Let us be yours. Stop doing all the dirty work. Free up your schedule and take time to enjoy your office environment instead of managing it. All our professional cleaners are provided with rigorous training in both quality service and customer relations. They treat each and every one of our customers as individuals and their homes with care and respect.

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