Meet our Owner and Operator

Together they built a company guided by principles deeply rooted in family.

Ellena and Tony Sr; founders of Tie's Cleaning Machine

Ellena and Tony Sr.

How we got our start

Ellena is the catalyst behind the creation of Tie’s Cleaning Machine. As a Head Teacher at The Goddard School she was responsible for lessons plans, safety coordinator, scheduling school outings, hold conferences, a create reports for the student body and overseeing the building cleanliness. The last piece hit close to home because even after her own children aged out of pre school she felt it was her duty to give all the children an experience as if her own still attended. This meant exceptional cleaning standards beyond what the industry would deem acceptable. So she took her idea home to her husband Tony Sr.

At the time Tony Sr. was successfully operating as a general manager for Cheesecake Factory and was expertly applying his 20 years of labor management, quality control, guest relations and sales. Family has always been his driving force and all his decisions have been rooted in support of those in his circle. Without question he fully backed his wife in what would later be called Tie’s Cleaning Machine. He took her knowledge and idea and mixed it with his corporate know how and understanding and in 2004 TCM was born.

Together they built a company guided by principles deeply rooted in family.

Tradition: We believe in delivering an experience unlike any other in our field. We don’t just clean, we shine. When we do miss something that may dull that shine, we correct it immediately. This has been our motto since we started with 3 accounts, and will continue to be as we grow.

Integrity: We pride ourselves on being transparent with our staff and customers to ensure we are all on the same page. This extends to the personnel we entrust to care for your facility.

Endurance: As we grow together as a family, we are aware things may get difficult, but we are fully committed to supporting your company in all its custodial needs.

Satisfaction: We are fully committed to achieving and exceeding your wishes, expectations and needs.

Our company's goal is to exceed expectations

  • Ensure your facility is held to a high standard.
  • Cleaning your staff & potential clientele can be proud of.
  • Delivering an experience unlike any other in our field.
  • Transparent with our staff and customers.
  • We support your company in all its custodial needs.
  • Committed to exceeding your wishes, expectations & needs.

Commercial Cleaning Services for VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY & CT

Tie’s Cleaning Machine was established in 2004 and is operated by disabled military vet, Tony I. Ellington (T.I.E.), hence the name. Our clients range from well-known day-care centers to large amusement parks and everything in between. We specialize in general office cleaning, floor maintenance (i.e. floor waxing, stripping and buff), carpet extraction, power washing and grout restoration..

Featured Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Office Buildings

Floor Work

Office Cleaning


Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services we Perform:

  • Dusting
  • Mopping floors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms (includes sinks, and commodes)
  • Trash removal
  • Surface cleaning and disinfecting
  • Dusting & blind cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning and vacuuming
  • Lobby and office room cleaning
  • Breakroom room cleaning

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