Specialty Cleaning Services

Electrostatic Disinfecting, Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant & Commercial Cleaning

High Dusting – removal of dust, which carries bacteria and dirt and easily collects in hard to reach areas. For example light fixtures, vent covers, ceilings and fans.

Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning –  the process of removing grease from the fans, vents, ducts and hoods in commercial kitchens. This prevents the hood from becoming clogged or in extreme cases becoming a fire hazard.

Restaurant Detail – This service will get every facet from the front house floors to the backhouse brought up to par impressing clientele as well as health inspectors.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Service – The process of spraying a chemical that evenly coats surfaces and actively destroys germs. This is the second most effective method of killing germs after sterilization.

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What sets TCM Apart

All restaurant services are backed by our CEO’s 20 years restaurant experience working as a general manager for establishments like Dave & Buster’s and The Cheesecake Factory.

In 2017 we began training our staff on how to electrostatically disinfect a facility when one of our clients had a Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease outbreak. We played a huge role in successfully stopping the spread. During the pandemic we offered the same affordable solutions backed by 3 years of experience.

We specialize in creative solutions and rarely come across a cleaning problem we cannot resolve.