Terrazzo Floor Restoration Service

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning with 3M Protection Technology

Maintaining Floors in High-Traffic Areas

Tie’s Cleaning Machine rejuvenates your terrazzo, marble, VCT  (vinyl composite tile) and/or LVT  (luxury vinyl tile) with an affordable floor cleaning service your clients and guests will notice.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration | Terrazzo Floor Finish | Terrazzo Floor Striping

Using the same process used to restore marble and other natural stone, terrazzo can be polished to achieve both glossy and matte finishes without the need for coatings. This same process masterfully restores scratched and worn terrazzo to like-new (or better) condition, as well.

And, like any other surface that sees traffic and use, terrazzo can become chipped and cracked. Our technicians are able to seamlessly repair this type of damage and restore your terrazzo to its original gorgeous and durable state.

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